The videos below utilize recordings of live sessions that took place July 2020. They have been edited to remove live interaction, so participants will be asked to pause the video periodically to reflect, discuss, and/or complete activities. Plan on approximately 1-hour to complete each part.

Part One - Simultation, Pre-Assessment, Definition of Dyslexia, and Characteristics of Dyslexia, and what Dyslexia is NOT.

Part Two - Evidence and research-based and building a reading brain

Part Three - Science of reading and structured literacy phonology, phonics

Part Four - Structured literacy syllabication, morphology, syntax, and semantics

Part Five & Six - KESA, Screening Components, Flow chart, and self-assessment

Follow along with the videos using this slide deck. This slide deck contains information for all six parts.

  • Part 1 - slides 1-22
  • Part 2 - slides 23-34
  • Part 3 - slides 35-63
  • Part 4 - slides 64-85
  • Part 5 & 6 - slides 86-114

Resources you'll need to complete each module: