History, Government, and Social Studies

The 2018 HSS Textbook Adoption Toolkit

Published by the California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP), Greenbush is happy to be able to share The 2018 HSS Textbook Adoption Toolkit. This toolkit provides rational and classroom examples that support the implementation of a new vision for history-social science. Among other topics this toolkit addresses instructional shifts, aligning with content and pedagogy, and provides a checklist to help teachers select the best instructional materials.


EQuIP Rubric for Science v.3.0

Your team can utilize this rubric to review existing lessons and units to determine what revisions are needed, provide constructive criterio-based feedback and suggestions for improvement to developers, identify exemplars/models for teachers' use within and across states, and to inform the development of new lessons and units.

3D Formative Assessment Alignment

Created by the Next Generation Science Standards, this form outlines a hypothetical activity students will be expected to complete during a class session. By following the chart outlined, student's should be able to demonstrate understanding related to the material and teachers should be able to observe this learning.

NGSS Lesson Screener

The purpose of this document is to quickly review a lesson to see if the lesson is being developed or revised on the right track or if a lesson warrants further review using the EQuIp document listed above. It is also used to document what extent a group of reviewers have a common understanding of the NGSS or designing lessons for the NGSS. This document is best used as a collaborative process with a team of reviewers.


Kansas Guide to Learning: Reasoning and Quantitative Literacy

This project was focused on creating rubrics aimed at evaluating whether instructional and professional development resources are aligned with the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards for Mathematics as well as structural shifts in their implementation and training. 

Kansas Instructional Curriculum/Resource Adoption Process website

Seen also in our resource library, this document was also created by the Kansas State Department of Education in conjunction with many Prek-16 math teachers across the state and discusses choosing and using mathematical resources that will positively impact students' achievements.

English Language Arts

Selecting Culturally Relevant Literature

This document can be used to provide well-rounded curriculum in our ELA classrooms. Our world is a constant evolving place and we want to be able to have the tough discussions with students in the safety of a classroom. Selecting culturally relevant literature is a great way to start having those hard conversations and creating culturally well-rounded students.

EQuIP Grades K-2 ELA Rubric

Your team can use this rubric to evaluate the quality and alignment of their individual lessons and and units to the Commomn Core State Standards (CCSS). This particular rubric evaluates the curriculum of grades K-2.

EQuIP Grades 3-12 ELA Rubric

Similar to the rubric mentioned above, this rubric also evaluates the quality and alignment of individual lessons and units within an ELA classroom. This rubric evaluates the curriculum of grades 3-12.

ELA Lesson Plan Analysis Tool

This tool can be used to analyze your teams' units and/or lessons by reviewing five key components: alignment, centrality of text, cognitive challenge, motivation and engagement, and rigor relevance framework.