Greenbush provides resources that can help districts design, align, and implement curriculum. We have created the documents linked below to help smooth out the process of curriculum mapping and get your team on the right track.

Successfully Writing Curriculum Guide

This ten-step guide will help you successfully map and utilize curriculum to best meet the needs of your students. Split into two parts, steps 1-6 are designed for setting goals, developing frameworks, and training your staff; while steps 7-10 will help your team analyze and implement your new curriculum to ensure an accurate and effective curriculum map.

Curriculum Alignment Discussion Guide

Using this discussion guide is a great way to analyze your curriculum map and identify strong ideas and strengthen the weaker points. This discussion guide can be utilized to ensure the effectiveness of a new curriculum map or even evaluate the strength of older ideas.

Curriculum Implementation Guide

This guide outlines the four stages of developing and implementing curriculum and breaks down the stages between teachers, building leaders, and district leaders.

Breaking Down the Barriers of Curriculum Design Guided Discussion

Utilizing the ideas outlined in this article, this worksheet helps identify barriers that can hinder the development of a strong and effective curriculum map and can be used to find solutions that will remove those barriers.

Horizontal Alignment Discussion Guide

You want each voice on your team to be heard especially when it comes to curriculum design and implementation. This discussion guide is a great resource to hear the ideas of each member of your grade level or content-area team.

More Curriculum Resources

Here are some more resources you can use when designing new curriculum